Begun in 2009, extInked was an art and ecology project in which 100 original drawings of endangered British species were tattooed onto 100 volunteers.

A unique three day performance created an army of ambassadors for threatened and rare birds, marine species, plants, fungi, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates from around the UK. The work explored the opportunity for social solidarity in a unique temporary community of artists, tattooists, conservationists and environmental activists.

The project was supported by its initial partners the Marine Conservation Society, Buglife (The Invertebrate Conservation Trust), The People’s Trust for Endangered Species and Anatomy Projects, who collaborated with UHC to document the activities of the 100 ambassadors.

A national tour followed, documenting the life and organic development of the project’s work. The tour provided a unique insight into the potential of art to explore and influence species loss.

extInked received attention in the national press and was identified by the RSA as an arts and ecology highlight of 2009.

Supported by Arts Council England and online public subscription

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