Spring Shrouds

Spring Shrouds responded to a request from comedian Mark Thomas, to create temporary installation spaces from advertising hoardings in Manchester, on a busy rush hour morning.

This collaboration between artists and anti-consumerism campaigners saw UHC work with a small army of volunteers to create and install a handmade canvas shroud for every street-based advert shell in the city.

100 shrouds were produced and installed, each carrying the image of a tree and the legend ‘trees breathe adverts suck’.

The spring shroud intervention in the city happened on the morning of the 4th May 2007. The project succeeded in replacing the incessant chatter of advertising with a few precious moments of peace and beauty. The Spring Shrouds temporarily liberated space and created a brief vision of streets lined with trees, rather than metal hoardings.

Commissioned by Mark Thomas (comedian)