The Tiny Travelling Treasury

A mysterious set of instructions, dispensed by a lucky Chinese cat, awakens the participants’ urge to navigate through the city streets, make discoveries, collect treasures and contribute their gathered fortunes to the museum, in this site specific installation created in 2007.

The Tiny Travelling Treasury was a unique interactive object which stood at over eight feet tall and was handmade from 100% recycled materials. It was specially commissioned for the 2007 ‘Play’ exhibition.

During its installation at Urbis, the Treasury grew and evolved in response to the people who interacted with it and the objects they added, creating a living document of the city. It quickly became the most popular exhibit in the show, used by 1000′s of intrigued visitors.

The Treasury began life as a brief for a print based exhibition guide. UHC designers and artists collaborated with Urbis to develop and deliver a wider, more effective and captivating brief. And we saved a lot of paper.

Commissioned by Urbis