Tin Town

In February 2013 UHC collaborated with the National Trust, creating a new project inviting the people of Manchester to fall in love with all things shiny and journey into the city’s industrial past through the medium of tin foil. 

Taking the historic silverware collections of Dunham Massey as their starting point, UHC artists and volunteers created an exquisite new body of work; a collection of over fifty items of domestic ‘silverware’ made entirely from domestic aluminium foil.

This remarkable undertaking brought to life the story behind ‘shiny things’ in celebration of those artisans whose lives are rarely explored. It is a reflection on the value of labour, our industrial and urban heritage, class identity, and pricelessness.

The installed work provided an excellent yet rare opportunity to see inside Upper Campfield Market. The market is one of Manchester’s historic architectural gems, located conveniently next to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Coinciding with the half term holiday, UHC ran art workshops and a treasure hunt, which was attended by hundreds of participants of all ages. Its popularity led to the Tin Town project being featured on CBBC’s Blue Peter programme.

In partnership with the National Trust