Contact’s Creative Experts

Contact asked UHC to develop a brochure to promote their recently established team of young facilitators, Contact’s Creative Experts. The team work with cultural and third sector organisations to provide tailored workshops, interactive seminars, and motivational speaking.

Considering the varied working environments that might be encountered by Contact’s Creative Experts, UHC recommended the implementation of an eye-catching and easily recognisable brand. Strong visuals would work to aid facilitators in the establishment of an instantly recognisable presence at location specific workshop.

A bespoke stencil typeface and a vibrant magenta colour scheme were devised and applied throughout the brochure. UHC subsequently reinforced this branding with the creation of additional promotional materials, including business cards, screen-printed sketchbooks, and t-shirts.

All of our screen-printed products made use of only high quality water based inks. No transfers, no PVC or phthalates, and no solvents.