In Translation

In Translation was a collaborative art project exploring issues of migration and identity. Migrant women from several community groups in the North West examined and reinterpreted a series of 1920s and 30s Empire Marketing Board posters through a facilitated creative process led by UHC Creative Director Jai Redman.

To accompany the project, UHC’s design team developed a bespoke WordPress site that functioned as an accessible online platform, encouraging open dialogue, project documentation, and exploration of personal experiences and memories related to the subject of migration.

UHC also produced the In Translation logotype, and way-finding typography that was hand-painted onto the walls of Manchester Art Gallery for the project’s co-curated 12 month exhibition. Promotional postcards were designed for the event, and certificates of authenticity were produced and distributed with limited edition screen-prints of Migratory Bird Studies, printed by John Powell-Jones.

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